May 14, 2009

Get Your Lip Pencil Ready

Big and beautiful lip crayons are fast turning into a common item in the make-up bags of women around the world. The dry difficult to use lip pencils of the past are now history with the newer products containing things like vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish the lips. The new pencils come in a range of varieties like water resistant.

Since the newer liners had a wider girth, there was the issue of sharpening them, this was solved with the double port sharpener that had an adaptor which when taken out would help the sharpener to adjust to the width of the liner. The adapter forms a thin casing around the port that it occupies and can conveniently be removed with a fingernail.

There have been other improvements apart from the width. Some companies are offering all in one items to allow for lining and filling with one pencil. This sorts out the color matching problem and saves some money for consumers. The lines between a lip liner and pencil may never have existed but the line between lip pencils and lipsticks may be fading away.

Everybody from fashion glossies to fashionistas are talking about models and movie stars using lip pencils. Everybody from runway models to Hollywood celebrities are seen flaunting a lip liner with a trendy look. The rule to make sure the pencil and lipstick colors blend is being disregarded by make-up artists at fashion shows. This effect may not be seen in office going life but it definitely looks alluring on the runway.

Make-up application trends move quickly and with a host of the beauty magazines on the internet with tutorials, blogs, and product feedback, women can keep up all the new trends with a click of the mouse. Helpful hints and information on lip color shades, the latest trends, and how-to beauty tips, are all available on the internet. You should always be careful when purchasing cosmetic items and check for the ingredients information online you may be allergic to certain ingredients. The make-up industry has kept up with user preferences by manufacturing specialty items such as the Vegan range and the likes that would satisfy the most discerning customer.

If you want realistic information about an item the best place is the user reviews web page on the producer sites. Beauty Products is a very lucrative sector with a huge consumer base so it is not unusual to see customers expressing their opinions and manufacturers heeding to them intently.

Sales of lip liners, lipstick and gloss are expected to stay in strong, in the present economic situation. A lip stick or lip liner is often one of the more affordable cosmetic items of all and most women would definitely allow themselves the liberty of purchasing one even if they have to put their hands deep into their pockets for it.

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