Mar 23, 2009

Top 5 Beauty Myths You Need to Recognize

There are beauty secrets and then there are beauty myths. It is the beauty myths that fuel the market. Beauty manufacturers will take these myths and play off them in order to trick women into buying a product or service they normally would not buy. Let�s cut out the crap and get down to the myths you no longer need to believe.

Myth 1 � Laser Hair Removal and Fair Haired Maiden
If you have fair hair you may have been told you cannot get laser hair removal. That is simply not the case. Gray hair lacks pigment and thus cannot be lasered, but that means nothing in regards to blonde hair. Blonde hair on every spot of the body can be lasered and effectively with up to a 90% loss of hair! Yeah!

Myth 2 � Leaving the Lemon to Hair Lightning

I read online the other day that rubbing lemon juice on your teeth will make them whiter. Ha! Who wants to rub acid on their teeth enamel? Lemon juice is citric acid and just like any other acid it eats and eats. In this case, the enamel on your teeth. Not a great idea ladies!

Myth 3 � Organic is Only for Food

Not! The skin needs vitamins and nutrients too. If you had to choose between that chemical rich, processed facial cream and one that was created with organic, natural ingredients, which would you choose? Uh, the natural one!

Myth 4 � Fake Nails Kill Real Nails

Ladies, this is not true, plain and simple. The artificial nails used on your fingertips are not what is to blame for nail damage. The glue used to attach the artificial nails to your root nail is not to blame for the damage. So, what is to blame? Your nerves! That�s right, the damage done by artificial nails has nothing to do with the nail itself, but with the removal process. Picking, biting, peeling and eating off those nails causes the damage.

Myth 5 � Cutting Hair Often Makes Hair Grow Faster

Though many women with slower hair growth wish this were true, it is a MYTH! Your hair will naturally go through cycles of growth and cycles of shedding. No matter how many times you cut your hair, it will not grow any faster. But, keep cutting and Britney Spears may give you a call to have lunch with her.


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