Mar 23, 2009

Look Good Between Haircuts

With concerns about busy schedules and tight budgets, getting a professional haircut is not always practical. You can save time and money by giving yourself and family members those touch-up haircuts between visits to the real hairdresser.

Did you ever make paper dolls or cut patterns in paper? It is as easy this to trim hair. A trim is simply cutting off the ends of small lengths of hair. Anyone can trim bangs or hair between hair salon visits. There are just three things you need to know in order to do a professional - looking touch-up between cuts.

First, always use extremely sharp scissors. The type of shears you use is not that important as long as they are razor sharp. To test the sharpness of the shear, hold a piece of thread in one hand and let it dangle in the air. If your scissors can cut through this with ease without pulling the other end to make it taut, then they are probably sharp enough to trim hair.

Second, prepare the hair first by thoroughly combing or brushing out all the snarls and tangles. Thick hair and long hair may need to be wet first. Make sure no hairs are hidden behind the ears or nape of the neck.

Lastly, always remember to cut off less hair than what you want the finished length to be. Hair will shrink after being trimmed, especially if it is wet when you trim it. Curly hair, "cowlicks" (erratic hair growth), and bangs will shrink the most.

If you are trimming short hair, don't be afraid to bend the ears while cutting. Ears are flexible. If you are trimming your own hair, be sure you have a mirror for the front and another for the back. When finished trimming the hair, shave the remaining hair off the back of the neck with a razor or small clippers. Sometimes this simple step is all that is necessary to maintain a well groomed appearance between haircuts.

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