Mar 5, 2009

Natural Beauty For the Natural Woman

As the world turns to a more natural existence in the middle of urban life, the trend is being seen in the make up world as well. No longer are cosmetics being tested on animals and the heavy appearance of make up is quickly fading out. It is now much more popular to have the make up say that it is all natural and never tested on animals than it has ever been before. The make up application itself has taken a whole new light. You know, being a very light texture and color, rather than the darker and more sultry look of the past.

For years, designers and manufactures tested the safety of a cosmetic product on animals. These animals were forced to wear the cosmetic or ingest the cosmetic. This has recently come under heavy attack by the different animal rights groups, in particular PETA, and has come under quite a bit of question by the consumers. As a result of these questions and pressures, more companies are switching from animal testing, to dermatological testing that does not use animals. This is testing that can be done on the chemical make up of the make up and by sending the product to testing groups that are willing to wear the make up and send in comment cards. This keeps animals out of the equation all together.

In addition to the changes of testing the make up, the changes to the ingredients of make up is also becoming a major selling point for the make up. It is now becoming more common for the make up to be of a natural base, rather than a synthetic base. It is becoming increasingly more popular for the cosmetic products to show enthusiasm regarding their high content of natural minerals, colors, and oils. One such company that has made this their goal is Bert’s Bees cosmetics which uses as close to all natural ingredients possible. Each product that is put out on the market has a percentage on it regarding how much of the product is all natural.

The make up colors and application methods have also gone to the natural side of life. It is becoming more common to see very light, transparent colors on individuals. This shift in color pallet and application methods shows off the nature of the individuals to be more natural, rather than heavy and fake. The idea of showing off one’s true beauty is being seen more often rather than the idea of creating beauty.

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