Mar 5, 2009

The Hottest Summer Makeup Looks

With the months of summer biting at the heels of our feet, things are changing with leaps and bounds. The wardrobe is undergoing a face lift, the shoe closet boots and hikers are being replaced with thongs and flops and the makeup stash in your bathroom is moving out of winter shades and into the warmth of summer.

When choosing makeups this summer quick and easy tips are the ones you are most likely to remember. There are two quick tips that can move that look from frumpy to fabulous.

When your skin has reached that bronze look, put away that lipstick. Lipstick paired with a darker colored face can look too heavy for the light feelings of summer, Instead try a gloss. There is nothing sexier than a shiny lip gloss paired with a fantastic tan.

For the eyes, throw out any mascara that still remains in your bag if it is not waterproof. There is a spontaneity about summer that is unlike any other season. From office to pool, dinner to jacuzzi, your mascara needs to move with you without fail. Mascara that is not waterproof will give you that look of a raccoon that is not “in” this year.

Summer months mean making changes girls and these changes are of the quick and easy form. Save the lipstick for night life and throw out that date mascara that runs and bunches. Invest in a glassy shine lip gloss, stunning. And replace that mascara with a waterproof version to keep you beautiful when you are hot and wet.

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