Feb 22, 2009

Use Body Scrub for a Beautiful Body

If you're looking for the best body wash then a Body Scrub is the sole option as it offers a particularly intensive clean and leaves your skin incredibly fresh and clean.

A body scrub cleans deep into the pores and so removes dust that is deep in the skin that other gels or soaps would not get to and it also cleans much more entirely and so you finish up with softer and fresher skin. A regular routine of giving your body a good scrub, will exfoliate the dead skin and give your skin a polished look. Employ a loaf or maybe a coarse towel with some body wash and give your body a good scrub losing all the deal cells.

Scrubbing your body not only exfoliates the dead skin cells but also helps the skin to absorb moisturizers or body oils better. One of the finest things that may occur when you use bath scrubs is that blood circulation improves thus leading to a sped up formation of a new epidermal layer. Though bath scrubs are very advantageous to the skin surface, one must use scrubs delicately and not break the skin. If this occurs it's best to use some ice straight away and then apply calamine lotion to ease the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid cleaners with perfumes and skip the loaf or any other abrasive sponge. Keep a pumice stone handy and use on the feet daily or weekly depending on the condition of your feet.
Apply a moisturizer,eg Avon Moisture Treatment Body Lotion, Eucerin And Lotion, or Arnlactin Lotion, to damp skin to catch moisture in the skin.

In summer or if you have oily to normal body skin-feel free to take lengthier showers or increase the temperature. You can also shower or bathe 2 times each day. Loaf sponges are satisfactory for exfoliation, but be careful not to make the skin raw or irritated. If you could be a plus-size girl, remember to lift your boobs and any intestinal folds and wash beneath.

Pat your entire body dry with a towel and splatter the body folds with an absorbent powder like Zeasorb AF, which has anti fungal properties. The cotton gloves offer a barrier between your hands and the rubber gloves, which contain ingredients that can trigger an allergic reaction. Try avoiding wearing latex or vinyl gloves for long amounts of time and never wear them overnite. Carry a rich hand cream ( Neutrogena Hand Cream or Avon Hand Cream ) in your purse and apply it plenty of times across the day, particularly in cold weather. If you develop cracks in your fingers, apply a glob of Vaseline to the area many times each day. If they don't heal after some days, then see your dermatologist for medicated ointments.

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