Feb 22, 2009

Food Tips For A Flat Stomach

We hear all the time about the bad foods and the good foods, but what is a bad food? Well everyone knows that their is the wrong food to eat to achieve a dream belly. Read through my flat stomach tips and learn the differences between bad and good carbs, bad and good sugars, and bad and good fats.

Next time you are working out think about what it is that gives you your energy. You may think oh it's protein or the sugar I consume does it. In reality, carbs are what gives you your long term energy. In order to burn off carbs you need to work out though or if it sits to long it becomes fat. Some good carbs include: fruits and vegetables, whole grains and potatoes. Some bad carbs include: - cookies, cake, pies, sugar-sweetened cereal and white bread. Bad carbs are processed and have the good healthy ingredients stripped out of them. Try substituting the bad carbs for the good ones and you will find yourself healthier and will quickly lose the weight.

Just like good and bad carbs there are also good and bad sugars. Fruits are a great example that is good for you as long as you have it in moderation. Anything such as sweets or candy is categorized as sugar that is bad for you. Avoid eating sweets and grab an apple instead. Maybe try fixing up a fruit salad instead of reaching for that popsicle you were craving, this will help in finding your flat belly success.

Next, let's discuss bad fat and good fat. Everyone needs fat in moderation but avoiding excess fats is key in achieving your dream stomach and weight loss goals. Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are the fats that are good for you. They help keep your cholesterol down while supplying the fat that a person needs to survive. Some examples of these fats are nuts, avocado, olive oil and salmon. Avoid saturated fats and transfat at all costs. These are the fats that are going to make you fat! Many times these fats are found in animal meat. Substitute that steak dinner for some lean chicken or fish instead and you will be better off. Avoid pre packaged foods or those fast food chains to steer clear of disgusting transfat.
In order to survive, a human need to consume all three macro-nutrients described in this article (carbs, protein and fat). Humans can however survive and be healthier by avoiding bad carbs, sugars, and fats. America is known for their fat people; why not take the steps to change this reputation the USA has now.
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