Feb 28, 2009

Oily Skin Means Younger Skin!

Our skin constantly fights the elements. Harsh heat in the summer and cold, brisk winds in the winter. Skin is our bodies first line of defense against the forces of nature and oily skin is the healthiest skin of them all.

To understand why oily skin means younger skin, we must first look at the true nature of skin health. In order for our skin to retain its natural beauty, it must remain moisturized and hydrated at all times. Hydration becomes difficult for skin when constantly barraged by changing temperatures and humidity levels. In order for skin to stay young, naturally, hydration must come from within.

Oily skin exhibits the highest levels of serum, the skin's natural oils. Serum, in oily skin, is overabundant and often causes a shiny/oily appearance one the skin. For beauty purposes, many people try to control this oiliness, but, in order to keep skin naturally healthy, the hydration provided by these natural oils must be allowed to remain on the skin.

It is the protective nature of serum, that holds in the natural hydration provided by the body. Oily skin tends to stay more hydrated and thus remain looking younger longer.

For those without natural oily skin, moisturizing should be the key factor in your daily skin regime. Hydrating the skin from the outside will never achieve the level of hydration from within, but with a little attention, your skin will stay younger, longer.

While naturally oily skin tends to be more of a faux pas, in the beauty world, for health purposes and younger looking skin, leave the oils on the surface for as long as possible. The more hydration your skin retains, the younger you will look for years to come.

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