Feb 28, 2009

The Hottest Evening Lip Color

Lip color is one of the most dramatic aspects of a facial makeup regime. The choice of lip color can mute a mood or spice up the most dull of outfits. When evening wear is on the agenda, the rules of lip color change. The wild and adventurous in makeup tips are those that come out at night.

Choosing an evening lip color is more about the image you want to portray than the color you choose. Darker lip liners and colors that are rich and full are perfect additions for a night out on the town. If the evening engagement is more on the formal side, adding a bit of sparkle to the lips is highly acceptable. Evening lip color is all about stepping outside of the normal every day colors normally worn. Evening is the time for letting go of the traditional and trying new and more exciting colors on the lip.

The most popular choice in evening lip color is certainly the many shades of red. That simple black dress is complimented exponentially by a great shade of lip color and red is that shade. The only rule regarding the use of the color red on the lips refers to the natural shape and size of the lip. For those with thinner lips, reds that are lighter and less vibrant will help to make the lips appear more full. On the other hand, for lips that are naturally full, the darker shades of red are a perfect final touch.

Choosing a evening lip color is just as important as choosing the evening wear itself. A great shade of lip color, matched perfectly to lip shape and size, moves the mind, body and evening wear from okay to outrageous.

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