Mar 25, 2009

Patterns Gone Wild: The Hottest Shorts of 2008

There was a time when plaid was the last thing in the world you would see on the runway, but ladies, today is not that day. In the summer of 2008, shorts are going plaid, checked and just plain color crazy. From boys designs to girls designs, the color is as important this summer as the cut!

A few of the coolest cuts include:

• The Bermuda – The Bermuda short is both comfortable and flattering. The stripes allow for a thinner look of the leg.

• The Mini-Skirt – Yes, I said it. The mini-skirt is in again this year. The short short provided a lot of lean lines for those with great legs, but they tend to take away from the overall look of the leg. So, the mini-skirt is the best choice for all those Tina Turners out there.

• The Short Short – To go back on what I just said, the short short is still in style this year, but keep it with the youngest of wearers. Young girls can pull of the short shorts with a short sleeved fitted shirt with no problem.

No matter the cut of the bottom, the color is what matters. Plaids are in as are bright colorful designs. The more color you put in the bottom of the outfit the more flair for those beach house rendezvous. Think color, think cut, think style and make a statement this summer with color.

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