Mar 10, 2009

Combination Skin Care Tips

Combination skin is one of the hardest skin types to care for and treat. The dreaded �T� zone of facial skin, offers double trouble for those trying to treat both dry and oily skin at the same time. Generally, a �T� zone references the forehead, nose and chin being oily and the cheeks being dry. Those suffering from the taunts of combination skin need to focus a daily skin care regime that addresses both the oily and the dry characteristics.

Facial moisturizers are the easiest choice when planning a facial skin care regime for combination skin. The �T�zone areas can be treated with an oil-free moisturizer. This moisturizer will work a dual function and rehydrate the dry areas of the face as well. Due to the dry aspect of combination skin, moisturizers should be applied multiple times a day, making sure to remove makeup before applying moisturizer.

Cleaning combination skin is a bit harder than moisturizing. The oily section of the face or the �T� zone will need a cleanser strong enough to remove the unwanted extra oil on the face. But, this cleanser will remove too much oil to be used on the dry sections of the face. The solution is easier than you think.

A daily washing regime for combination skin will consist of two cleansers. The first cleanser will be appropriate for dry skin and the second for oily skin. Wash your entire face with the dry skin cleanser first and rinse. Then, wash only the �T' zone with the oily skin care cleanser. This will allow the moisture to remain in the driest parts of the face, while cleansing the oil away from the �T�zone.

Combination skin is often characterized with larger than normal pores, as well. These pores, when not treated properly, remain open after washing and showering and trap dirt and dust when they close. This dirt and dust, over time, will result in blemishes on the face. Using two astringent solution after washing the face or showering will help to close the pores on the face before they have the chance to trap any dirt and dust.

As with the previous method, clean the entire face with a dry skin astringent and follow up on the �T� zone areas with an astringent created for oily skin.

Combination skin requires a combination of methods to retain beauty and evenness. By utilizing a great oil free moisturizer and treating each section of the face for the problem at hand, will result in smooth skin sure to please.

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