Feb 11, 2009

Why is Brazilian Hair Straightening So Popular? Is it Just a Fad?

Why obsesses over what goes on in the present? Why mold yourself to every time a new fad happens to come your way? Surely your life has many more pressing needs that demand your attention. Your personal vanity cannot interfere with each and every one of these demands. If that is the case however, you need to seriously reprioritize. Fashion changes every week, if not every day. Who's to say the toil you put yourself through, the money you spend and the time you invest in a certain look, may be out of style a day later. What it all boils down to then, is what you view your own self as in relation to world around you. The only statement you can ever truly make is a statement of originality. Indeed originality is the very spawning pool for all fashion and trends at any point in time the world over.

Is It Truly Worth The Risk?

Even if you are in complete coherence with the world around you, and feel you must conform to all manner of fashion, is it worth the risk? Would that need for conformity be as pressing if there were potential risks involved? In the case of the Brazilian hair straightening techniques and their variations including the Brazilian Keratin Technique, there are signs that these risks exist. Your hair is not only subject to the singing of a hot iron, there is also the application of a sizable dose of protein based solutions that have known carcinogenic ingredients. The existence of carcinogenic elements immediately makes this procedure hazardous for some including hypochondriacs. There are also studies that have shown the chemicals in these solutions and the subsequent hair care products associated with their upkeep as being harmful for pregnant women and their children.

Originality; the Ethos of Your Persona

If you are severely affected by the trends you see around you then you may find all this talk of originally all too irrelevant. If you are in the business of fashion you may reject the notion all together. But think about it for a moment. Your originality is the hallmark of your entire persona. It is of course, an amalgam of many things, not just the way you look. It is perhaps therefore as important to maintain the integrity of your appearance, as it is to maintain the integrity of your character

Beauty is Never Absolute

There is no absolute in beauty. Why change the natural look in you? For it is what makes you unique to all other people. Each individual is different and unique in their own way. That is what makes human beings such beautiful creatures. We are not creatures whose beauty can be judged in absolutes. We are a species that is seen in relation to one another. We are a sea of faces; each with a fa├žade as unique and special as the story behind them. Why bury your uniqueness under layers of mundane pretence.

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