Feb 26, 2009

What The Right Hair Color Can Do For You

Having your hair colored can add depth and definition to a hairstyle, enhance skin tones, accent eye color", thicken thin hair, soften course hair and adds style support. For example:

- Lighter Shades make a large head, face shapes and features appear smaller. And thinning hair look thicker

- Dark Shades will make a small face & sharp features stand out.

- Two Tone Shading can frame and define the shape of your hairstyle.

- Semi-Permanent Color can turn those few gray hair's in to soft warm highlights.

- High Contrasting strands of can add a dramatic effect.

- Graying hair can come alive with a purple based color shampoo enhancer to remove yellow.

- Strawberry blonde hair color complements green eyes.

- Pale and golden blonde make blue eye's stand out.

-Red and auburn shades give brown, hazel and green eyes glow.

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