Feb 28, 2009

Hair Washing the Right Way

For as long as shampoo has been marketed, there are three words we all have ignored. Those words are “Lather, Rinse and Repeat!” The majority of people simply believe these words to be instructions on how to use twice as much hair shampoo and thus purchase twice as much product from the store. In all actuality, the instructions are there for a purpose and you are probably using twice as much shampoo as you need to on your one wash pattern.

The key to washing your hair effectively is to wash both your hair and your scalp. The “lather” should only take about a quarter sized dollop of shampoo. This wash is aimed at removing the grime and dirt from the scalp. The second “lather” or “repeat” as the bottle words the step is for cleansing the hair and also should only take about a quarter sized dollop.

So, women all over the world, if you have been washing your hair with only one “lather” and rinse, you are not washing your hair and your scalp. The key to a long, fast growing, and shiny head of hair are a healthy scalp and healthy strands. The shampoo companies are not trying to get you to buy m ore shampoo, as a matter of fact; you are probably using more shampoo on your one wash than the recommended amount for two washings. Get out these and follow those directions ladies and notice how much longer your shampoo lasts and how much healthier your hair looks and feels

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