Feb 8, 2009

Celebrity Hairstyles - How to Make Their Looks Your Own

Celebrities are the most excellent supporting tools for hair styles and haircuts, they show all over and we see them at their top. You can choose any celebrity hairstyle according to your facial shape, hair type, and figure. Here represent some tips for getting celebrity hairstyle.

1. Face Shape

This one is most important thing for considering what hairstyle suits on you. Generally most of the hairstyles are suitable for people having oval shaped face. Here some hairstyles are suggested for other facial shapes.

Round Face Shape:

For round shaped face long and medium length hairstyle with layers is well suited. Avoid short hairstyle. You may follow the hairstyles of the celebrity Christina Ricci for round shaped face.

Square Face Shape:

A square face shape is as like as a round face shape in several ways. You can apply same hairstyles for both. For both the round and square shaped face it is best to reduce richness at the sides of the face, because a blunt cut, chin length or short bob cut is not suitable for a round or square face shape. Square shaped faces are consecrated with vast cheekbones and bone structure, so any hair length from short to long looks great. For looking more stylish you can add waves and curls at the bottom. You can follow the hairstyles of the celebrity Sandra Bullock for your square shaped face.

Heart Face Shape:

For heart shaped face it is best to follow the hairdos of Jennifer Love Hewitt. In this facial shape cheekbones are with thin jaw lines, so chin length bob haircut looks great.

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